Annuals are plants that grow, bloom and die within a single year. Unlike perennials which mostly have a particular bloom season of spring, summer or autumn, annuals typically are covered in bloom all season long, making them perfect for baskets, containers and areas of your yard that you'd like to have color in for the entire season. They are not frost hardy, meaning that if they are exposed to temeratures below 32 degrees F, they will be damaged or die. The frost date for our area is approximately Mother's Day. The weather, however, is very unpredictable; if you plan to put annuals out before or soon after this date, please keep an eye on the weather forecast. If a frost is predicted, please cover or bring in any annuals you have outside! We do not guarantee annuals. (Below is a typical list of annuals we may stock. We often sell out of a particular variety/color as our stock is constantly changing, please stop by or call if you are looking for a specific plant.)

Begonia 'Bonfire' Begonia 'Dragon Wing' Euphorbia 'Hip Hop' shown with a Christmas poinsettia Fuschia 'Dark Eyes' Geranium 'Wilhelm Langueth' Geranium 'Sassy Dark Red' Heliotrope Impatiens Pansy Portulaca 'Sundial Mix' Zinnia Profusion series Cantaloupe 'Hales Best' Cucumber 'Straight Eight' Pepper 'Staddon's Select' Tomato 'Beefmaster' Tomatoes 'Delicious' and 'Super Sweet 100' Tomato 'Lemon Boy' Tomato 'Mortgage Lifter' - Heirloom tomato Tomato 'Supersonic' Watermelon 'Sugar Baby' Oregano


Abutilon  (4" pots)
Chinese Lantern

Acalypha (4" pots)

Ageratum (flats) 
Blue Danube
True Blue

Alternanthera (4" pots)

Angelonia (4" pots)
Alonia Big Blue 
Alonia White
Carita Raspberry

Argyranthemum (4" pots)
Reflections Pink
Reflections Yellow Cream 

Asparagus Fern (4" pots) 

Begonia (fancy leaf & Nonstops) (6" pots)
Dragon Wings Pink
Dragon Wings Red
Nonstop Apricot 
Nonstop Bright Red
Nonstop Deep Salmon
Nonstop Rose Petticoat
Nonstop Yellow
Silhouette Lavender
Silhouette Silver
Pin-up Flame
Begonia (flats) 
Chocolates Pink
Chocolates Red
Chocolates White
German Chocolate Pink
German Chocolate Red
German Chocolate White
Hot Tip Red

Bidens (4" pots)
Mexican Gold 	

Caladium (6" pots)	
Fannie Munson
Rose Bud
Sweet Heart 
White Christmas

Calibrachoa (4" pots or baskets)	
Blackberry Punch
Dark Blue
Deep Yellow
Double Amethyst
Double Deep Yellow
Double Magenta
Double Pink
Grape Punch
Over Easy
Scarlet Red
White Rose Vein
Yellow Imp

Calla Lilies (8" pots) 
Fuego - yellow & orange
Rene - purple
Golden Nugget - yellow

Celosia (flats) 
Colours Dark Red
Colours Rose
Dance Scarlet
Dance Yellow
Fresh Look Red   	
Kosmo Purple-Red
New Look Red

Coleus (6" or 4" pots)
Alabama Sunset
Solar Eclipse
Solar Storm
Wedding Train

Coleus (flats) 
Carefree Mix
Wizard Mix

Cuphea (4" pots) 

Dahlia (8" pots) 
Gypsy - pink & yellow
Little Tiger - red & white 

Dahlia (flats) 
Figaro Orange 	
Figaro Red 	
Figaro Violet 	
Figaro White
Figaro Yellow 	
Dianthus (flats) 
Award Crimson 
Award Pink
Diana Mix 
Raspberry Parfait 	
Red Picotee
Strawberry Parfait
Telstar White 

Dusty Miller (flats)
Silver Dust

Eucalyptus (6" pots)

Euphorbia  (4" pots)
Hip Hop
Star Dust Super Flash
Starblast Soft Pink

Fuschia (4" pots)
Dark Eyes

Gazania (flats) 
Bright Yellow 
Red Stripe

Geraniums - Ivy (6" pots & baskets)
Global Light Lavender
Global Merlot 
Global Ruby Twist
Global Soft Pink
Royal Dark Red
Royal Salmon

Geraniums - Zonal (1 gallon pots)
Americana Rose Mega Splash
Americana White Splash                               
Brocade Catalina
Brocade Wilhelm Langueth
Calliope Burgundy
Calliope Dark Red     
Classic Dark Salmaon 
Double Take  Pink
Moonlight Raspberry Blush 
Pac Euro Sassy Dark Red 
Patriot Berry Parfait
Patriot Bright Pink
Patriot Cherry Rose
Patriot Lavender Blue
Patriot Papaya
Patriot Salmon Frills
Patriot Violet
Rocky Mountain Orange
Sunrise Brilliant White
Sunrise Light Pink
Sunrise Raspberry Eye
Sunrise Salmon

Gerbera Daisy (4" pots)
Cartwheel Autumn Colors
Festival Dark Red Eye
Jaguar Deep Rose
Jaguar Tangerine Dark Center
Jaguar Yellow with Dark Eye

Hypoestes (Polka Dot Plant 4" pots)
Splash Pink

Impatiens (flats)
Logro Pink
Logro Red
Logro Violet
Logro White
Sunpatiens Spreading Carmine Red
Sunpatiens Spreading Corona
Sunpatiens Spreading Pink Flash
Tempo Salsa mix 

Impatiens (4" pots)
Silhouette Appleblossom
Silhouette Cherry Red
Ipomea (Sweet Potato Vine) (4" pots)
Ace of Spades
Bright Lights Bronze
Sidekick Black Heart

Lantana (4" pots)
Bandana Cherry Sunrise
Pot Prisma Magenta Yellow
Spreading Gold 

Lisianthus (flats)
Logro Pink
Logro Purple

Lobelia (4" pots)
Techno Heat Dark Blue 
Techno Heat White

Lobelia (flats) 
Coat of Arms Blue
Coat of Arms White

Lobularia (alyssum hybrid 4" pots) 
Snow Princess

Lysimachia (4" pots)

Mandevilla (gallon pots or baskets)
Giant Crimson
Stars & Stripes

Marigold (flats) 
African Vanilla
Antigua Orange
Antigua Yellow
Bonanza Harmony 		    
Inca Orange 	    
Inca Yellow 		    
Janie Bright Yellow
Janie Deep Orange
Janie Flame
Janie Primrose
Oasis Red
Safari Bolero
Safari Queen
Safari Red

Millets, Grasses, Spikes (4" or 6" pots)
Codyline Red Star
Cyperus Umberella Sedge Papyrus
Dracena Spikes
Pennisetum Graceful Grasses Vertigo
Pennisetum  Rubrum (purple fountain grass)

New Guinea Impatiens (6" pots)	
Harmony Candy Cream
Harmony Dark Violet 
Harmony Dark Red
Harmony Pink Cream
Harmony Snow

Pansies and Violas (flats) 
Delta Apple Cider
Delta Pure Violet
Delta Pure Yellow
Delta True Blue
Delta Watercolors Mix
Delta Yellow w/ Red Wing
Colossus Rose Medley
Colossus White
Wonderful Lavender Picotee Shades
Wonderful Purple Blue Shades
Viola Penny Mickey
Viola Penny Orange Jump Up

Pentas (4" pots)
Graffitti Pink
Graffitti Red Lace
Graffitti Violet

Pepper - Ornamental  (4" pots)
Fire on the Mountain

Perilla  (4" pots)
Petunia - Fancy (4" pots)
Cascadias Bicolor Cabernet
Cascadias Rim Violet
Crazytunia Kermit Rose
Doupetini Burgundy
Fame Yellow 
Potunia Plus Papaya
Ray Black 
Surprise Queen Bee
Surprise Yellow

The Whispers series of petunias have 
mid-sized flowers and grow 6-8". 
They are good for baskets and pots.
Whispers Amethyst 
Whispers Blue 
Whispers Red 
Whispers White 

Supertunias and Waves are low-growing, 
spreading gournd covers. They have 
abundant blooms and need no deadheading.
Double Wave Blue
Double Wave Pink
Double Wave White 
Supertunia Raspberry Blast
Wave Blue
Wave Lavender
Wave Misty Lilac
Wave Pink
Wave Red
Wave White

Petunia (flats) 
Celebrity Blue
Celebrity Blue Ice
Double Cascade Blue
Double Madness Burgundy
Double Madness Pink
Double Madness Red
Freedom Blueberry Vein
Freedom Carmine
Freedom Lavender Vein
Freedom Raspberry Vein
Freedom Violet Star
Freedom White
Freedom Yellow
Logro Floribunda Blue
Logro Floribunda Burgundy
Logro Floribunda Light Salmon
Logro Floribunda Pink Morn
Logro Floribunda Red
Logro Floribunda White

Portulaca (flats) 
Sundial Fuschia
Sundial Mix 	
Sundial Peach
Sundial Peppermint
Sundial Scarlet
Sundial Yellow

Portulaca (4" pots)
Pazazz Pink Glow 
Pazazz Red Flare
Pazazz Tangerine
Pazazz Vivid Yellow 

Salvia (flats) 
Salsa Burgandy
Salsa Purple
Salsa Scarlet 
Salsa White
Vista Lavender
Vista Red
Vista Salmon

Scaevola (4" pots)
Brilliant Blue
Crystal White

Setcreasea (4" pots)
Pink Stripe

Snapdragon (flats) 
Floral Showers Crimson
Floral Showers mix
Floral Showers Yellow 		    
Ribbon mix 	  

Torenia (4" pots) 
Moon Magenta
Moon Purple 
Moon Yellow 

Torenia (flats) 
Kauai Burgundy
Kauai Deep Blue
Kauai Magenta

Verbena (4" pots)
Homestead Purple
Lanai Blush White
Lanai Peach Imp
Lanai Red
Lascar Compact Burgundy

Verbena (flats) 	
Logro Burgundy Eye
Logro Lavender
Love Old Glory Mix
Quartz Mix	
Vinca Vine (4" pots)

Vinca (flats) 
Jam & Jellies Blackberry
Pacifica Apricot
Pacifica Burgundy
Pacifica Orchid
Pacifica Pink
Pacifica Really Red
Pacifica White
Sundevil Apricot
Sundevil Cherry Red Halo
Sundevil Orchid

Zinnia (flats) 
Profusion Cherry
Profusion Orange
Profusion White
Profusion Yellow


Vegetables (In 4" pots and/or flats.
Some tomatoes are available in gallon pots)


Brussels Sprouts 
Jade Cross

Early Flat Dutch
Early Jersey Wakefield
Golden Acre
Late Flat Dutch
Ruby Perfection

Snow Crown

Orient Express
Pickle Tasty
Straight Eight 

Black Beauty
Gourmet Long

Black Seeded Simpson
Gourmet Mix
Red Sails
Also available: Mixed Salad Bowls 

Early Delicious
Hales Best
Honeydew Sweet Delight

Annie Oakley

Peppers - Sweet
Bell Boy
California Wonder
Early Sunsation
Hungarian Sweet Banana 
King Arthur 
King of the North 
Orange Sun   
Purple Beauty
Staddon's Select
Tasty Orange

Peppers - Hot
Hungarian Hot Banana 
Pepperonchini Green 
Red Hot Cherry

Connecticut Field
Sugar Pie

Black Beauty Zucchini
Potifino Zucchini
Table Queen
Turks Turban
White Scallop Bush
Yellow Crookneck
Yellow Straight Neck 

All Star - June bearing
Ever Sweet - everbearing
Honeoye - June bearing 

Toma Verde

Better Boy
Better Bush
Big Boy
Black Cherry
Brandywine (heirloom) 
Cherokee Purple
Early Girl 
German Johnson (heirloom)
Hillbilly (heirloom)		 	
Lemon Boy 
Mortgage LIfter (heirloom)
Mountain Fresh
Mr. Stripey
Park's Whopper 
Roman Candles
Sun Sugar
Sunny Goliath
Supersweet 100
Yellow Pear  

Charleston Grey
Sugar Baby 

Culinary Herbs 4" pots	
Basil 'Lemon'
Basil 'Sweet Italian '	 
Basil 'Purple Ruffles'
Basil 'Thai'
Garlic Chives
Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf	 
Rosemary 'Arp' (upright)	
Rosemary 'Haifa' (creeping)
Thyme, creeping
Thyme, English


Container with height, filler and trailer. Mixing contrasting colors in a planter. A window basket for a shady area
Creating a Planter

Growing plants in containers is a wonderful way to add color and interest to porches, patios and walkways. Just about any type of container is suitable, as long as it has drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. The choice of plant material for your container is seemingly endless. The most important consideration when choosing plants is to keep the site conditions in mind. Obviously, you'll want to choose sun-loving plants for sunny, warm spots and shade-loving plants for porches or decks with lots of nearby trees. Also consider the amount of water your plant(s) require and group drought tolerant plants together with like types, and plants that like lots of moisture with their appropriate companions. Once your plants are well established in their pot, watering is of the essence! Mature containers - even those in the shade, such as water-loving fuschias - often need watered every day. Areas that are windy will dry out the container quicker, so be sure to check their watering needs regularly.

Fertilizing is also important. At Colonial Farm, all the annual baskets and planters that we create are given an initial dose of slow-release fertilizer. This is often enough to feed the plants throughout the summer. If you notice that your plants are looking less lush as the summer progresses, it's okay to add some additional slow-release or liquid fertilizer according to package directions. Pinching back the plants later in the season also helps to restore that original lushness. "Pinching back" simply means to nip the tips off. This forces new growth to occur along the remaining stem. Some plants, like impatiens, tend to get "leggy" as the season progresses and can be pinched back to 4 or 5" tall. In only a couple weeks, the plants will be full and heavy with bloom again!

While the plants you choose are solely an expression of your personal taste, there are some guidelines to help create a pleasing arrangement. Most experts suggest that planters contain three elements: a plant to give height, such as a spike or grass, a "filler," such as heuchera or geraniums, and a "trailer," such as ivy, to cascade down the side of the pot.

Plant choices are not limited to just annuals. Consider using small shrubs, perennials, vegetables or herbs in your container. For example, those with no space for a vegetable garden might choose to make a planter that includes a patio tomato and some basil - imagine homemade spaghetti sauce with fresh basil! Consider pungent sage paired with pretty pink petunias and a tri-color sweet potato vine, or a dwarf Alberta spruce surrounded by bright marigolds and dainty bacopa. Shrubs, perennials and many herbs can be planted into your garden beds at the end of the season or over-wintered in their pot for continued use. If you decide to keep a plant in its pot over the winter, though, be sure to water it so it doesn't dry out and die. Have the soil damp but not waterlogged before it freezes - this is actually better protection than having dry roots that freeze.

At Colonial Farm, we already have many planters and baskets made up for purchase. If you don't see something that suits your needs, we are happy to custom design a container for you either by helping you choose plant material to take home or by making up a planter or basket for you!