Welcome to Autumn!
Cool, crisp air, outdoor grilling and fun-filled afternoons of jumping in piles of raked leaves are the hallmarks of a perfect autumn.

Make your home and yard a showpiece by adding color and decor that reflects this relaxed and happy time of year.


Pansies, Cabbage and Kale

Autumn Decor

Mums Mini gourds and pumpkins

Fall mums Adiva Purple Aideen Bertha White Dawn Dazzling Stacy

Garden Mums
Garden mums are beautiful, colorful autumn flowers that add a festive punch to the landscape or make lovely focal points in pots on the porch. With many varieties to choose form, you will find the perfect color to complement your home.

Adiva - purple
Aideen Red Fire - dark red
Aluga - yellow
Amiko - yellow
Bertha - white
Cento Orange - orange
Cheryl Pink - pink
Cheryl Yellow - yellow
Colina - orange
Contiki - red
Coparo - purple
Dawn - yellow
Dazzling Stacy - yellow and orange with red tips
Edana - red with yellow center
Elena Gold - golden
Emma - coral bi-color
Golden Andrea - 2-toned yellow
Hankie - yellow daisy
Ilvico - orange
Lava Red - red
Mabel - white
Mildred Yellow -yellow
Padre Orange - orange
Padre Yellow - yellow
Pobo - red
Pomona Violet - purple
Rosabella - white
Stacy Pink - white and dark pink
Urano - orange
Wanda Lavender - light pink-purple
Wilma Yellow - yellow
Edana Elena Gold

Pobo Red

Stacey Pink

Wilma Yellow

Urano Orange

Pansies in bloom

Light Blue Blue Purple Blotch Yellow with Purple Wings

Pansies, Violas, Cabbage and Kale
Pansies are cool-weather flowers that will survive over the winter to come back in the spring, bigger and more beautiful than ever! When the heat of summer rolls around, pansies usually fade and die.

Deep Blue Blotch
White Blotch
Red Blotch
Yellow Blotch
Orange Blotch
True Blue
Deep Orange
Yellow with Purple Wings
Pure Violet
Pure Primrose
Pure Red
Neon Violet
Colussus Yellow
Rose Fire

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale
Other plants that are great for fall and early winter color are ornamental cabbages and kales, with their green, white, purple and/or rose tones. Cabbages have elegant flat leaves while kale is dressed up in ruffles and frills. Pair them with pink or purple mums for a harmonious color palette or mix them with yellow or orange for eye-catching contrast.

Orange Duet

Ornamental cabbage

Ornamental kale
Pumpkins and Mums Mini gourds and pumpkins Artificial pumpkins and berries Our friendly scarecrow peeks from behind bundles of corn stalks

Autumn Decorating
In addition to mums, pansies and cabbage & kale, we always stock a variety of items for fall decorating. Choose from pumpkins both large and small, unusual gourds, bales of straw, corn stalks, perennial grasses, scarecrows and other autumn gifts.

Our inventory of fall decorations includes a nice assortment of artificial items as well. Pumpkins, berries, sunflowers and other fall flowers are great for indoor uses like garlands or table settings.

Sunflowers and berries Scarecrow, sunflower and cabbages