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Bag and Bulk Mulch and Bulk Topsoil

Mulch: Not all mulches are created equal! Some places sell inferior grade mulch or even "pallet" mulch which is made from grinding up old wooden pallets or other construction materials. At Colonial Farm we sell only the best grade, hardwood mulch from Grant County Mulch's local production facility in Baker, West Virginia. Visit them at: for more information.

We offer this mulch in both bulk and bag. We sell bulk mulch by the cubic yard which we sometimes refer to as a "scoop" or "bucket". Unlike some other nurseries, though, our scoop is a full yard so be careful when comparing prices from other nurseries as their "scoop" may be a smaller quantity. A cubic yard of mulch will cover an area 10'x10' 3 inches deep. This is the recommended depth for an initial application of mulch. If you are "topping off" a previously mulched bed, you may be able to get by with adding a thinner layer.

We stock in both bulk and bag: regular, dyed black, dyed brown and dyed red (pictured at left in order listed).

Other mulches we have in bags are: cypress, cedar, kiddie mat (for in playground areas), pine bark nuggets and mini pine bark nuggets in 2cf bags.

Topsoil: Good quality topsoil is very hard to find. The bulk topsoil we offer is not screened, meaning that there may be some small sticks or stones (nothing too large!) still in it.

Other Bagged Products

Pine Fines Soil Amendment - This is a ground pine product that is added to heavy or clay soils to increase the organic content of the soil. Many times around new homes builders will back fill with clay or clay-heavy soils that are unsuitable for growing plants. This soil retains too much water, is extremely poor in nutrients, and impedes root growth. If you have this type of soil, do not add sand! Clay + sand = a brick; not the best soil for growing plants. We recommend ammending the soil by adding pine fines and other organic mixes that provide the proper growing medium for plants. Sold in 2cf bags.

Peat Moss - A partially decomposed sphagnum moss that is harvested from peat bogs. This product does not contain nutrients, but is great at absorbing nutrients which it then releases to the plant over time. It is great for adding to heavy soils as an ammendment and is the prime ingredient in soilless potting mixes. We stock peat moss in bales of 2.2 cf and 3.8 cf. Most of the peat moss used in the United States comes from Canada. For those concerned about the environmental impact of harvesting peat moss, please visit: which addresses this issue.

Lumberjack Topsoil - A screened, loamy topsoil from Grant County Mulch. This product is best used in the landscape as a soil amendment, to fill in holes and bare spots in lawns, or when planting trees or shrubs and additional soil is needed. 40lb bags.

Lumberjack Potting Soil - Lighter than topsoil, this is a Grant County Mulch blend of humus and aged bark chips. Use this product in the landscape when planting trees, shrubs or perennials and additional soil is needed, or in large cotainers that are holding trees, shrubs or perennials. 40lb bags.

Liteway/Sunshine/Other Soiless Potting Mixes - This is the lightest blend of soils and is made from peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, dolomite lime and sometimes macro- and micronutrients. This mix is the best choice for planters, containers and baskets that are planted with annuals, herbs or vegetables. We use a soilless potting mix to plant all our annuals, herbs and vegetables. Sold in 16qt and 32qt bags as well as in a compressed bale.

Composted Manure - Aged manure that will not burn your plants. Excellent for soil amendments and adding nutrients.

Leaf Humus - Composted leaves, also great for soil amendments and nutrients.

Sand - Play sand in a 40 lb bag.


Pavers, Bricks and Patio Stones

These are regularly-shaped stone and brick used for walkways, patios and driveways. Choose this style of paver if you are looking for a more formal, uniform look. They can either be laid on a bed of stone dust or cemented in place. Our products are supplied by Hanover Pavers and Ayers Supply. Free catalogs and idea books showing the entire range of products and their use are available at our nursery, or you may visit their websites at: and These products are uniform in thickness and shape, making them very easy to lay.

Hanover products include: Appian circle, fan, mixed and random designs in natural and tumbled finishes. Traditional brick in 4x8, 8x8, 2x12 and 12x12. Chapel paving, Cathedral, Congressional, Hexagonal and Patriot are designs of multisided brick. Product colors include: red/charcoal blend, tan/charcoal blend, natural/charcoal blend, salmon/carcoal blend, and chocolate/tan blend. Available also are natural texture products which are manmade but have irregular surfaces developed from actual stone surfaces, a brick made to look like old-time clay bricks and permeable driveway pavers.

At left are a couple of the many design styles possible with brick. Stop by the nursery to see more of our patio and walkway areas using many kinds of pavers in a variety of designs. Our staff is ready to assist you in choosing the right product for your project, offer tips and hints or even install your project for you. Sold by the pallet or the piece if you need a small quantity.

Pennsylvania flagstone

Lilac Flagstone

Flagstone and Garden Path

The natural stone products in this category are irregularly shaped and vary somewhat in thickness. It takes just a little bit of practice to get the hang of laying this kind of stone; the sandstone or cement base, rather than being perfectly flat, must be hand-contoured so the stone lays flat. It is also somewhat like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, making the pieces fit loosely or tightly as you desire. This stone choice has a much more informal, natural look, but makes a lovely patio.

We stock a varied supply of irregular flagstone, with PA Flagstone, Colonial Grey and Fieldstone being our top sellers. Other colors are available, but do carry a higher price tag as they are often quarried and shipped from other areas of the country. These products are available in several thicknesses, with the thinner size best for patios while the thicker ones are generally used as wall stone. Sold by the pallet or the pound if you need a small quantity.

Colonial Grey Wallstone

Wall Stone

Like pavers and flagstones, wall stone comes in both manmade, regular shapes as well as natural kinds of stone like the Colonial Grey. Which one you choose is governed solely by the look you are trying to achieve. Wall stones can be "dry stacked", that is, erected without being cemented together, to a height of about 3 feet. Anything higher than this should either be cemented or terraced. The manmade products come in many forms and colors. Please visit our nursery to see more examples of walls or to pick up one of our product idea catalogs. We are able to order any product that we do not already have in stock.

This type of decorative wall is great for DIYers, or we can design and install one for you. Sold by the pallet or the pound if you need a small quantity.

Laurel Mountain Wallstone

Lilac Wallstone


Riverstone used in and at the edges of a stream and pond

Boulders and Riverstone

Larger boulders make great additions to the landscape as either focal points or placed in beds and borders. Given the right shape and size, they can function as natural seating, create Japanese stone gardens or act as retaining walls. Our boulders and larger stones are sold by the pound.

In addition to bags of decorative peastone and small riverstone, we have larger riverstones in various sizes. These look great around a pond or other waterfeature, as bed edging, or nestled into flower beds.

Sold by the crate or the pound if you need a small quantity.

Delivery is based on your distance from our nursery and ranges from $15 to $40 per trip. This fee covers plant materials as well as bulk and bag and stone/brick products. You do not need to be home for us to make a delivery.

Our truck can hold up to 6 yards of bulk mulch or 3 yards of topsoil. You do not have to have a full truck for us to deliver.