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At Colonial Farm we stock a large supply of pottery in various sizes and shapes in ceramic, plastic and terracotta. Each year during the winter we visit garden center tradeshows to see and select the newest, most interesting introductions from local and international pottery companies. This enables us to offer you a unique selection that you won't find in larger box stores. We offer you pottery from whimsical shapes like teapots and planter-heads to traditional styles in a multitude of colors to the latest modern-styles so you can choose the perfect accessory to your garden. All pottery used as planters should have adequate drainage holes so excess water can't sit at plant roots. For larger pots, displace some of the soil by putting an overturned plastic pot or some empty milk or soda jugs in the bottom. While many gardening sites recommend using packing peanuts for this, we do not. Packing peanuts will, relatively quickly, compress under the weight and dissolve, releasing their chemicals into the soil.

Ceramic pottery - This is an excellent, long lasting product that comes with great solid or multi-colored glazes. You can create wonderful, eye-catching displays by introducing colored ceramics into your outdoor spaces. Also consider using ceramic pottery in more ways than just as containers for plants. By adding some tubing and a pump, you can create a water feature for the soothing sounds of water. Other uses could be as outdoor table bases or attractive containers to hold pool toys. Glazed ceramic can be left outside for the winter but only if there is proper drainage of water. If water is allowed to collect and freeze, the expansion could crack the pot. So, for example, ceramic pots used as water features should be drained and stored in a garage or shed over the winter.

Plastic pottery - Choose plastic for an lighter weight option that offers year-round reliability. Plastic is available in simple, inexpensive options like the Centabella planter planter in clay, green or sand or more elaborately decorated and shaped styles like leaf-embossed urns. Plastic can be left outside during the winter as long as it has proper drainage. Some plastic pottery may fade from exposure to the sun.

Terracotta - This clay-based pottery is an old-fashioned look but comes in styles and shapes with modern appeal. We stock both traditional terracotta styles as well as modern updates and fun shapes like frog planters. Terracotta is an excellent choice for plants. The clay is naturally porous, allowing air to enter and water to drain. Care for your terracotta by soaking in water before planting. Do not overstuff with soil and allow plenty of space for the plants' roots. At the end of the summer, empty your terracotta planter, wash with mild detergent and disinfect with a mild bleach solution. Allow the pot to dry thoroughly before storing away in the garage or shed for winter.



 Baskets, Hayracks and Cocoliners

Decorative hanging baskets are available in inexpensive plastic options as well as more decorative black vinyl-clad and vidigris-finished styles with cocoliners. Hanging baskets are an excellent choice for porches or areas where floor space is limited. All baskets, whether in the sun or shade, tend to dry out quickly so do check the moisture level every day. Consdering lining cocolined baskets with a piece of plastic, like a grocery bag, that has had small holes punched in it to help retain moisture.

Hayracks and window boxes - Attach a hayrack to a porch railing or underneath a window for a high impact display of flowers. Our vinyl-clad hayracks provide years of rust-free service and come in both hanging and free-standing styles. Lined with cocoliners.

Cocoliners - We stock replacement cocoliners to fit standard sized baskets and hayracks as well as sheet cocoliner that can be purchased by the foot for odd shaped or sized containers.

Consider using round cocoliners as a weed barrier around the base of young trees. They will last for several years and do a superb job of keeping grass from growing around newly planted trees.



 Trellises and Shephard Hooks

Trellises - Our wooden trellises come in various shapes and sizes including the traditional fan. We also stock metal trellises with decorative embellishments like stained glass inserts.

Shephard Hooks - Shephard's hooks are used for areas where you'd like to hang a basket, windchime or bird feeder but don't have a structure to hang it from. We have lots of sizes and styles to choose from.




Use birdbaths in the traditional manner as a source of water for birds or simply as a decorative focal point or container for bog plants or even as a butterfly feeder.


Garden Decor
Without a touch a decor, a landscape is just a collection of plants. Put your unique stamp on your landscape by finding the extras you need to turn it into your garden. Statues, windchimes, gazing globes, and adorable gnomes are just a few of the items to consider. 








Please stop by anytime to view our collection of
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Gardening Tools and Chemicals

Gardening tools and gloves - We stock a small selection of pruners, extendable handle hoes and weeders, and latex-coated gloves to make your gardening chores easier.

Fertilizers - Hollytone (great for acid loving plants), Miracle Grow in several formulations, specialty fertilizers for tomatoes and roses, 10-10-10 (a good multipurpose fertilizer), lime, and much more!

Insecticides & Herbacides - We have many pesticides for treating all sorts of plant diseases and pests from powdery mildew to spider mites and borers. Ask one of our staff for a recommendation for the correct treatment choice. If you have a tree, shrub or flower that has a problem you can't identify, put a piece in a plastic ziplock bag and bring it in for us to take a look at. We are usually able to identify the problem.